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Helping Depression in Sandbach, Cheshire & Stoke-0n-Trent areas

Depression is an extremely debilitating illness which affects not only the individual, but also their family, their friends, their employment, their self esteem and ultimately, restricts the enjoyment of their life.

Many people with depression go through life without seeking help, believing that depression is just 'part of them',

But in truth, depression is very treatable.

Clinical Hypnotherapy for Depression

Here at Positive Minds Hypnotherapy we aim to treat the root cause of the Depression., helping you to think and see life more clearly. Calming the mind and allowing you to build up resilience to life events.

Clinical Hypno-Analysis has helped countless people over the years to lift the depression cloud and return to normal lives within a shorter period of time than traditional styled talking therapies. If the problem is emotional you will struggle to to talk through problems on a logical level, successfully. 

Clinical Hypno-Analysis used in combination with NLP and Time-Line helps to get the reason behind the Depression by working with the emotional part of the mind, not the logical conscious mind. Most therapy aims to  'control' or 'manage' the problem, our goal is to resolve it completely.

Combine therapy using NLP coaching to help with negative thought patterns, low self esteem, negative imagery, and belief systems and you have a very powerful effective therapy. Helping you to refocus on the future, increase motivation and resilience, while removing negative blocks to achieving this success.

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You can request a free brochure to be emailed to you, or you can arrange a No Obligation Consultation at one of the Clinics near you.  Andrew covers the Staffordshire Moorlands, Cheshire and Stoke On Trent area

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Clinical experience

Andrew has over 12 years working with people with Depression of all levels. He has successfully helped many people resolve their problems and helped them refocus their lives and goals. In most cases you may only need between 3 and 4 sessions of clinical hypnotherapy to achieve this.

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