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Hypnotherapy for anxiety in Sandbach and Cellarhead

 Anxiety is only a problem when we have too much of it and worrying becomes a way of life. We sometimes get a feeling of lack of control, unable to switch off at the right times, a funny feeling in our chest or stomach like knots or our head feels like it can't think clearly any more!

To manage anxiety effectively it is necessary to break the cycle and to help you understand how the anxiety process works and to give you effective tools to manage the Anxiety or Worry.

Make the change

Clinical Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, makes it is easier for you to break negative thought patterns, create a brighter, more goal orientated future, learn quick and easy relaxation techniques, learn coping skills and enrich your lifestyle.

Andrew's experience

 I have gained invaluable experience with Anxiety patients while working within the Acute Mental Health Hospital in Staffordshire. Here I helped patients quickly gain control of the feelings associated with anxiety and panic, using effective relaxation, Time-Line Therapy techniques and analytical-hypnotherapy.

This gave clients a tremendous feeling of empowerment and control back over their lives and helped them move forward on their journey to recovery.

Most people only require 3 to 4 sessions before they have made a complete recovery, free of anxiety or worry.

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You can request a free brochure to be emailed straight to you or you can arrange a no obligation consultation at one of the clinics.

Andrew provides Clinical Hypnotherapy for these areas- Staffordshire Moorlands, Cheshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

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a no obligation consultation takes place at one of the clinics near you. It normally lasts around 30 minutes. If you would like someone to accompany you, then that is fine. It's an opportunity to ask any questions and get a greater understand of how clinical hypnotherapy can work with your situation.

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