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Clinical Hypnotherapy in Staffordshire & Cheshire.

Anxiety Client 45 year old male, Testimonial - "Hypnotherapy changed my life....I have finally become like my old self once again, but a more improved version with a better outlook on life."


Weight Loss Client 51 year old female, Testimonial - "I reached my goal weight. It is  wonderful to think more positive about food and myself..."


Hypertension Client 66 year old male, Referred by GP- "very pleased that hypnotherapy helped to get my blood preasure down to a safe level."


Anxiety 17 year old, home visits... "Hypnotherapy wasn't what I thought it was. I can't believe how the anxiety just went after only 2 sessions. I had this anxiety for 10 years, but now I can go outside again without any fear, or anxiousness in my body..."

Andrew Frost - Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Coaching in Sandbach & Leek.




Andrew Frost DipABC MCAHyp UKCHO, is an experienced Full-Time Clinical Hypnotherapist,


Principal for The Advanced Hypnotherapy Academy and Course Tutor


Andrew has gained 10 years invaluable experience working within the NHS Mental Health Services and at The Priory Hospital Manchester.

Using the same techniques he now applies to his private work

at both Sandbach and Leek Therapy Centres.


Are you trying to find an effective & ethical way to change your situation?

Are you looking for an experienced therapist that will help you

make this change?

Within a minimum time frame, but with maximum effect to your situation?


Then you have found it here...

With Clinical Hypnotherapy and 10 years of clinical experience

Andrew can help you -













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  • Within 3-4 Sessions to make a permanent change.

  • Using the most direct and Advanced techniques available.

  • Proven NLP techniques & Time Line Therapy with Hypnotherapy.

  • Getting to the root cause of your problem.

  • New skills and tools to continue the positive work.

Clinical Hypnotherapy with NLP & Time Line therapy  Techniques helping you confidentially & professionally to -

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