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andrew frost clinical hypnotherapist in sandbach cheshire and stoke on trent

Andrew offers excellent, professional services, with a high success rate.

 Andrew is an experienced and respected hypnotherapist in the Cheshire, Staffordshire Moorlands and Stoke on Trent area. He works full time as a Clinical Hypnotherapist from centres in Sandbach and Cellarhead , and has been in practice now since 2006.

Andrew, gained over 8 years' experience working for the NHS at The Royal Stoke Mental Health Hospital and The Priory Hospital Altrincham, where he used the same techniques there, as he employs within his private practice.

Since 2006 Andrew has been a full-time Clinical Hypnotherapist and in 2013 he became a Hypnotherapy Diploma Trainer with the Advanced Hypnotherapy Academy (AHA) and has helped thousands of people using Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching since then.

He has a very high success rate with his clients in all areas - Anxiety, Abuse, Stress, Depression, Confidence, Self-esteem and Weight loss.

Utilizing the very latest in professional techniques and tried and trusted methods in NLP,  Timeline Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy to maintain a high standard of success.

Andrew Frost: Master Practitioner AHA, Dip ABCH, Clinical Nutrition  Level 4

Counselling Level 3,  CBT Level 3

hypnotherapy for stress, anxiety, depression weight loss in sandbach cheshire and werrington stoke

A Message from Andrew


"I believe that a good hypnotherapist should have a genuine drive to want to help people, for the good of the client and a desire to help them alleviate suffering and promote well-being. Free from ego and judgement I feel we are here to do all we can to help the person in front of us to bring about a positive change with all the skills we have."

"It is important that a Hypnotherapist has a good understanding of how to utilize the knowledge and skills they have to help a client recover and become the best they can be, as quickly and as simply as possible. Over the years of seeing clients I have realised the importance of understanding how the mind works in conjunction with the presenting emotional problems. This helps to understand what the clients problems really are and how to help them within the shortest amount of time."

"The methods I employ allow me to get to the root cause of your problem, both safely and comparatively quickly. The techniques used help to pin point the problem and to gain a quicker understanding of how the it has is affecting your life. Then help you change the way you feel about the situation helping you remove negative feeling.

clinical hypnotherapy for weight loss anxiety and depression sandbach cheshire werrington stoke

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help with Anxiety, Stress, Depression and Weight Loss

No obligation consultations are held at both the Cellarhead and Sandbach Clinics.

Please contact Andrew for more details and a Free brochure via email

You can call him direct on 07912 425487

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