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Weight Loss Motivation – How to use affirmations to motivate


The holiday season can be disastrous to your waistline – leading to a flurry of activity in January to get those extra

pounds off… but you may become frustrated if the numbers on the scale stubbornly refuse to stay where you want them to.


Weight Loss Can Be Easy


The good news is, weight loss, and weight management,

CAN be easy. It all starts with your mind.


Let’s take a backwards approach. Instead of starting at your

current weight and trying to get down to your ideal weight

 (which focuses your mental energy on what is instead of

 what you want, start with your imagination. Imagine yourself

 at your perfect weight. Close your eyes and feel what it’s like

 to be at your ideal weight…


Your ideal weight is the weight at which you feel your healthiest, strongest and most energetic.

With that image in your mind, use some of the techniques shown by Positive Minds hypnotherapy to reprogram yourself to make your ideal a reality.


Reprogramming yourself involves three elements working together: imagination, emotion and self-talk.

You achieve great results if you do this while you are in the alpha brainwave state. In the slower, calmer brain activity of meditation, you are more open to accepting the commands you give yourself.


Use your imagination to create a mental picture of what you want and add emotion. Fall in love with your new body – lean, fit and healthy. Feel the emotions of love, happiness, satisfaction and freedom that come from being healthy. When you’re fit and healthy, you’re free from costly health problems associated with being overweight. You’re free to pursue any activity, any time you like. You’re free to wear whatever you like and be happy with the image you see in the mirror.


Supercharge this emotional mental image by giving yourself commands that will make you take the actions necessary to lose excess weight and keep it off. How?

 By daily repetition of affirmations.


The Power of Affirmations


You may be sceptical about the power of daily affirmations for weight loss. You may have read about the power of positive thinking and thought it’s all a bunch of hype. But look at your current weight and ask yourself, what kind of self-talk made me gain all this weight? You talked yourself into eating too much, or the wrong foods, or talked yourself out of exercise. Or, you didn’t talk yourself out of doing those things. Self-talk is often unconscious and it’s a symptom of your current programming.


Subconscious programming drives most of the actions we take. It’s thoughts that became habits. This is what makes it a “no-brainer” to brush your teeth… put on your shoes… or reach for that extra cookie.

Thought habits literally lead to acting without thinking. Things like,


• I’ll start my diet tomorrow

• Just one more bite won’t hurt

• I’m not hungry anymore but Mom always taught me to clean my plate


… Are examples of thought habits that may fly under the radar and cause

you to be “okay” with not doing what you consciously know you should?

Combine unhealthy thought habits with emotions and you can’t help but

 do what you’re programmed to do.


One of the reasons it can be challenging to lose weight is because it’s easier to keep the same lifestyle habits than to create new ones. Or is it?


 Actually it’s no harder to create healthy habits than to create unhealthy habits. It’s no different to learn to prefer going for a walk after dinner than to learn to prefer watching TV and mindlessly snacking all evening…


IF, that is, you’re motivated by a strong mental image and powerful positive emotions of what you want.  

Success starts with imprinting powerful images/emotions of what you want, and installing new programming or thought habits.


Affirmations are a great way to imprint new habits. They are one of your greatest weight-loss allies.

Mental reprogramming of substituting healthy habits for unhealthy habits is at the heart of our techniques for permanent weight loss.


If your self-talk got you IN this situation… it can get you OUT!


Affirmations for Weight Loss


Here are some positive affirmations for permanent weight loss:


• I nurture my body with exercise and great nutrition.

• I enjoy moving my body every day.

• I feel satisfied eating small portions.

• I only eat food that nourishes and energizes my body.


What’s the theme? They are upbeat and motivating – they speak of feeling satisfied, enjoying and nurturing rather than focusing on the negative. They are full of self-love, action-oriented and they keep your goal in mind.  Affirmations must:


• …be said in the alpha brainwave state, when your brain is most receptive to commands

• …be positive – always with the desired result in mind, never the problem you want to get away from. Don’t give mental energy to your problem. Stay motivated by focusing 100% on your desired result. If you experience setbacks, you can quickly refocus on what you want and re-motivate yourself.

• …be in the present tense. If you say “I will lose 20 pounds” that 20-lb. weight loss will always be in the future… Since you don’t live in the future, it will never happen. Instead: “I weigh 150 pounds.”

• …be said with positive, happy emotion. Show love in your affirmations.

• …be short and to the point - punchy enough to be remembered as your personal slogans – so you can say them anytime you feel the urge to give in to unhealthy cravings.

• …create new, healthy thinking and physical habits to replace the old habits that created your weight problem.


For example, you can say, “My hunger vanishes when I take three deep breaths” to avoid snacking between meals; or “I love taking a walk after dinner.”


 You can program yourself to CRAVE healthy living and develop a strong distaste for the foods and lifestyle choices that caused you to gain weight.


Weight management is easy if you apply mental reprogramming using positive imagery, strong emotions and change your self-talk.


Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss – Learn To Control Your Weight by Andrew Frost


Weight Loss Motivation

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