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I had been suffering with general anxiety for a few years before seeing Andy. I was slowly getting worse to the point that i struggeld to get out of the house in the mornings. I had medication from my GP the I was offered CBT and counselling. But this didn't really improve thisngs much. I had been told oabout Andy by a friend and I had no idea how hypnosis worked. I have to admit, I still don't understand it fully what Andy did throughout the 4 sessions, but I am feelng so much better than before. My anxiety levels are fully under contro and I am slowly coming off my medication. I would like to suggest that if you are needing help with anxiety or stress and worry, then you make an appointment with Andy and see for yourself how hypnosis works.

Many thanks

Mrs T.B Nov 2013



I would like to leave this comment for others to read. Hypnotherapy! Not everyone thinks about using this therapy and even more are probably unaware of what it involves. It is nothing like you expect, it is easy and quick. It helps you understand yourself and reduces your anxiety in a shorter time sclae than talking therapies. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Andrew and what he has taught me and helped me with.  still use my tools of hypnosis on a regular basis eben though my anxiety has gone. I would reccomend you give it a go and I know you will get help and feel better than you are right now.


Jim Northwich Apr 24th 2017

Sleep problems.. a new way of thinking.

After suffering from insomnia for 40 years on and off, I had come to accept that this was just a way of life. Over the decades I had tried everything from lavender, herbal drinks, sleeping pills, medication, accupuncture and even hypnosis to be able to overcome this problem. In a triumph of hope over experience, I decided to give the hypnosis another go and knew immediately that Andrew's approach was different. I have to put the work in by using my recordings he did for me, but have realised with his help that the answer to sleeplessness and restless legs is in my head.

Andrew tailors his sessions to your specific issues and I suspect that no two people are the same. So no matter how long you have had the problem, give it a go, have faith in yourself and rediscover that we can all learn new habits if we are shown how to go about it.


Thank you Andrew for your support and expertise.

HK, Jul 13 2012

Weight loss sessions...


Hi Andrew, thank you for all your help with weight loss during the past 3 months. I would like you to know that I have now lost 1st 8lbs since our last session. I can honestly say it has blown me away during the last month and I am feeling really good about myself for the first time in a long time. I hope you continue this work and helping others in my situation.

Wishing you all the ebst. J


Dec 2 2014

Weight Loss


Ann Sandbach, Nov 13 2013


Thank you Andrew for helping me change that way I look and feel towards food. I feel great within myself and still can't believe the changes since I started hypnotherapy for my weight. I still need to loose 1/2 a stone, but so far I have lost nearly 2 stone overall since September 2013... Big Smiles x