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Risks & effects of stress in the workplace



You can do something to address the problem and make a visible difference to the workforce.  There is significant evidence that shows a dramatic improvement in stress related absences if the individual can recognise the effects of stress and learn how they can cope with them.


  •      absences of 10+ days in a 12 month rolling period where reduced -7.5%

  •      sickness absence down from 10.75 days to 7.2 days in 2004/05

  •      5 absences in 12 month rolling period -reduced 19%


As well as reducing sickness costs to your organisation, tackling stress can have

a positive effect on employee commitment, productivity, performance, low staff

turnover, better company image and increased customer satisfaction.


Negative stress factors are numerous and include the following:



  • Conflicting Demands,  job insecurity, confusion over job responsibilities

  • Inflexible, working long or unsociable hours.

  • Conflict between individuals, feeling undervalued or unappreciated, lack of Management Support

  • Bullying or Harassment.

  • 35% of employee respondents claim high stress levels are often behind a decision to quit, followed by base pay at 34% and then promotion opportunities at 27%.

  • Publisher Employee Benefits 07/01/2008 SBHD

  • Stress remains the number one ranked reason for long-term absence for non-manual employees, with loss of work time at 8 days per employee per year.


If you combine depression and anxiety into the stress related illness then absence continued to increase to an average of 30.9 working days of ill health.


This is where Positive Minds Stress Management Solutions can help. Find out about the workshop and whats involved to help resolve this Stress in the work place situation-


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