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Past Life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners belive are memories of a life before this lifetime or incarnations. Past Life regression is typaclly undertaken in pursuit of a spiritual exerience, or in a psychotherapeutic setting to help with a present day problem.


It is my belief that any regression therapy should only be conducted by a profession hypnotherapist. As this ensures complete assurance that if the person experiences anything that needs help during the session will be in competent hands.


There are real benefits to Past Life Regression, as the client is given information or scenarios by their sub-conscious mind (and these may not be real memories), but nonetheless the client seems to learn lessons and gains an understanding which was not there before.


The regression is conducted in a therapeutic setting either over one session, lasting around 90 minutes or over two 60 minute sessions.


If done for a therapeutic reason I would normally reccomend two sessions. This is because on the first session I will give you a recording to listen to at home. This will allow your sub-conscious mind to open up to the idea of; better visualisation, going back to a previous life for information, and in all starts the therapeutic proccess.




This is also a valuable experience you may need during a past Life. The purpose being to experience your version of this 'waiting space' before being reborn. This is used to gain understanding into questions like; what was the purpose of a previous lifetime? What where you there to learn? What wasn't learnt in that lifetime that needs to be learnt?


Past Life Regression... as a therapy or for interest.

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To enquire about a Past Life or to ask any questions. The please send me an email or you can contact me direct on 07912 425487 for a free phone consultation.

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