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Overcoming Fear with mental Mastery



One of the hardest things you do in your life may be

overcoming fears.

One can develop fears about anything imaginable!

Of course some fear is healthy (it’s meant to protect us).

The fears that  hold us back are those that don’t have a

rational reason, for instance having never  been bitten by

a spider but being creeped out by its alien appearance and

tendency to show up unexpectedly in close proximity to your body.


And, some fears are manufactured by the mind just to get you from doing something new and unknown.




You may have heard fear as being described as “False Evidence Appearing Real.” Cute acronym, but unfortunately very simplistic. When you’re standing in the open doorway of an airplane, parachute strapped to your back and nothing but thousands of vertical feet of air between you and terra firma… how is that “false evidence”?


But a fear that is manufactured by the mind, such as the fear of public speaking, occurs when the mind assigns a negative, threatening meaning to a harmless situation – hence the “false evidence.”


Take heart – there is a way to overcome the instinctual fears as well as the manufactured fears and take the necessary steps to do what you want to do, or get through a tough situation. It has everything to do with your ability to control your thoughts and emotions.


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Overcoming Fear

overcoming fear and phobia