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Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis in Sandbach & Leek

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Hypnosis is a totally natural state of mind. When you are in hypnosis you may feel relaxed just like the moment before you fall asleep at night after a long busy day. Obtaining this 'relaxed state' of mind becomes easier and quicker within a very short period of time and everyone can do this.


Most hypnotherapy you hear about, either on the TV or in articles uses what's called 'Suggestion Therapy'. This is where the therapist will mostly do all the talking to help bring about a subconscious change. Sometimes this is only a temporary change!


Clinical Hypnotherapy still uses Suggestion Therapy but only to reinforce the work done during the whole session. During each session, we use an advanced technique called 'Hypno-Analysis' to help to get to the Root Cause of the problem in just 3 Sessions.


This is why Clinical Hypnotherapy is quicker than other therapies and is on a permanent basis. It allows you to find the root cause of the problem and make the changes with the guidance of the Advanced Hypnotherapist.



The benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy-


  • Learn to relax quickly and increase your energy levels after hypnosis.

  • Achieve more balance within your life, a healthier lifestyle.

  • Understand and achieve your goals and outcomes.

  • Get rid of unwanted habits such as smoking or over eating.

  • Start to feel more confident, more secure and in control of life.



All this is done in a professional, safe and comfortable manner, and the results can be achieved in an amazingly quick time scale.


Clinical Hypnotherapy offers a fantastic opportunity for you to- change habits quickly, develop inner strength and new abilities through powerful techniques and to overcome self-defeating feelings that have been blocking your progress to the life you really wish for.



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So What Makes Clinical Hypnotherapy So Effective...

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